need a name for your polycule? Name them like an organic molecule

The default polycule on is called 2-Methyl Butane

cohost is just yet another silo

call me back when they federate with the fediverse

Why does my university send emails announcing that they are opening registrations for an exam 2 days before they are opening said registrations?

At least they also send emails 2 days before.

Between this and the fact that i got sensory overload from their intranet portal multiple times i feel like they, at best, completely disregard ND students

German property law joke 

Previous owner: I consent to giving this gift
New owner: I consent to receiving this gift

Isn’t there someone you forgot to ask?

Like you shouldn't joke about giving people vasectomies when many states sterilised the disabled *by force* until the fucking 70's.

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love how lazy some spam is. Yes my first name is definitely the localpart of the hotmail address i made with like 12

Car mod idea: making the car pedals work like on a piano

Wikipedia meta 

You may remember when Scots Wikipedia was vandalized by a Yank that couldn't actually write or speak Scots. You may also remember when Croatian Wikipedia was hijacked by militant Croatian nationalists that turned the website into a hub for racist conspiracy theories.

Now, it has just been revealed that a massive portion of Russian history articles on Chinese Wikipedia were entirely works of fiction.

"Why should we make this thing support e-mail? We support fax, that ought to be enough!"

(An exaggerated view of how people that reject IPv6 because "IPv4 is good enough" come across to me)

i wish normie computer keyboard layouts had the extra layers like neo2 because i have just read a message that used ACCUTE ACCENTs (´, U+00B4) instead of RIGHT SINGLE QUOTATION MARKs (’, U+2019) which look very different in firacode

Fuck usb if vendor/device ids i am going to use E621 as my vendor id

How the fuck can they mess up contrast this bad it’s literally trivial to create readable text on terminal

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How is every single default alot theme unreadable in at least one way


If you swap taranza’s hair and skin color you get a homestuck troll with rayman limbs

New study suggests that space tourism has the potential to not only aggravate global warming at a disproportionate scale, but also to cancel the last decades' recovery of stratospheric ozone.

As usual, billionaires don't play on the same league, whatever you do, they can do worse (probably 500 times worse with each go, in this case).

Direct paper link is

#science #space #climateChange #globalWarming #ozone #billionaires

Oh yeah this won't lead to returns fraud...

If they do this, absolutely do not commit returns fraud, because that would be bad, and it would be near impossible to prove unless you did it constantly or with every item.

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